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Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive warehouse services including a number of goods turnover operations and dispatch of goods for further distribution:
- loading of goods
- storage of goods
- packing of goods
- preparing goods for dispatch

Goods loading operations
Receipt of goods, reloading operations, cross-docking - are examples of the loading operations we perform for our Clients on regular basis. Irrespectively of the degree of complexity, we are able to support any business enterprise in fast and efficient redirection of deliveries from one location to another.

Goods storing
No Limit warehouses are constructed with A class technology, therefore, we can guarantee our partners safe storage of goods. Our main warehouse facility in Pruszków, of a total usable area of 30,000 sq.m. is one of the most modern buildings of this type in Poland.  
Within the warehouse services, we offer: goods storage with retail access and traditional goods storage on pallets and in cartons on high racking system with the use of up-to-date infrastructure and WMS system, which enable us to optimally manage the warehousing space.
In our warehouses we store almost 60,000 different assortment items.

Packing of goods
Retail picking of goods is part of the warehouse logistics, the field in which No Limit has been an expert for years. Picking and packing of the Clients orders is for the Clients an important issue, requiring high quality and extensive volume flexibility.
In 2013 we received in our logistics centre in Pruszków over 17 million pieces of goods and we expect this number to increase in the coming years -among other reasons, because of starting-up our new PUT Sorter last year, which has increased our daily order handling capacity.
A wide range of additional services, such as labelling, dimensioning, veining or goods value recapture is rendered at the stage of goods packing inclusive.

Preparation of goods for dispatch
The right labelling, dispatching and posting for further distribution are the last stage operations of a logistics process in the warehouse.
Deliveries to the Client's door anywhere in Poland - can be made with our own vehicle fleet but we also cooperate with courier mail companies on regular basis.
We are integrated with major distributors in Poland.