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Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services

Due to the application of modern technologies and to an experienced team of specialists we can guarantee timely performance of services and precise fulfilment of orders. 

Our modern warehouses, A-class facility complexes of a total operation and office usable area of over 94 000 sq.m. are located in:
- Warsaw (Targówek) - area of 10,000 sq.m. (including 2,800 sq.m. of mezzanine space)
- Pruszków (near Warsaw)  - area of 45 250 sq.m. (in this 26 650 m2 sq.m. of mezzanine space)
- Poznań - 31 000 sq.m. (in this 11 500 sq.m. of mezzanine space)
- Sosnowiec - 5 600 sq.m.
- Wrocław - 5 000 sq.m.

We offer cross-docking services in our warehouses in Warsaw, Poznań, Sosnowiec and Wrocław.

We provide our services to the most demanding Clients operating in a variety of industries, including:
- clothing and footwear
- telecommunications
- automotive
- electronics
- machinery
- sportswear
- POS marketing items

Our Clients, irrespective of their core business and size, are covered with the regular care and maintenance of the Customer Service Department, whereas the warehousing tasks are performed by regular and dedicated teams of specialists. In our warehouses goods are handled with precision and due care, irrespective of size, whether small, of microchip sizes, or large, several metres high.