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Distribution to Points of Sale

Distribution to Points of Sale

We offer the service of a dispatch on the set date (day, time) in Poland and in selected European regions. We guarantee comprehensive logistics services with regard to all and any dispatches, of any size and destination.

All our orders are executed on time, with optimised route and driving time, by means of a vehicle of the type and size to the satisfaction of the Client.

Within our distribution services we offer:
- planning and optimisation of deliveries
- drawing up the transport documentation in compliance with Client requirements
- notification of supply
- control of reloading and constant dispatch route monitoring
- reloading services and consolidation of goods in our regional warehouses
- Track&Trace; an option of individual tracking of the dispatch status on the website using the dispatch number or the client order number - reporting of the receipt of dispatches for transport
- reports of service: KPI reports on compliance with delivery deadlines - periodical: weekly, monthly in accordance with the expectations of the client
- Cash on Delivery Charge (COD)

Standards of B2B deliveries:
-area of service - selected regions of Europe
-delivery deadlines:
    distribution in Poland - 24 hours (next working day D+1)
    delivery hours: from 8 am to 4 pm.