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Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

We offer comprehensive contract logistics services intended for those enterprises, which desire to focus on their core business activity, outsourcing the services of logistics processes management from a reliable, external partner. We provide tailor made services for customised logistics processes. We specialise in handling complex and varied assortment of highly processed and fast moving stocks. In all our projects we apply modern IT tools.

Our contract logistics operations are based on long term partnership agreements covering the full cooperation range within:
- transport of goods
- unloading operations
- warehousing
- customising
- preparation of goods for further distribution
- return of goods related services
- Value Added Services

Due to modern sorting systems we can offer flexibility and optimisation in the order handling process. We make every effort to guarantee top quality parameters and to ensure business security to our partners. We are experienced in successful implementation of a variety of projects. We either integrate our IT systems directly with the systems of the Clients or work on the Clients' own data exchange platforms. We have gained over twenty years of experience cooperating with companies operating in the clothing and footwear industry, in the fields of cosmetics, electronic equipment, in food, automotive and construction industries.