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Mission Zero Emission

Mission Zero Emission

No Limit together with the Polish Alternative Fuels Association is the initiator of the pro-ecological campaign Zerowa Emisja. Many companies have been involved in the survey. The vehicles were provided by Volkswagen, and the logistics is managed by No Limit, the leader of low-emission transportation company in Poland. Deliveries are made for the IKEA brand. Goods from stores go to customers (B2C) as part of the home delivery service. Subsequently, deliveries will be made to H&M. Loads from No Limit warehouses will be transported to the store chain in Warsaw (B2B). The test will be carried out in the daily work mode, on the same routes by two vehicles, for a period of three weeks for each partner. This project is another step forward in the implementation of the No Limit's environmental strategy, carried since 2015, based on low-emission solutions in transport.

Over one billion tons of various types of cargo are transported annually in Warsaw. Couriers, suppliers and carriers, in the city center alone, perform over 20,000 loading and unloading operations daily. It affects the quality of air in the city, in which over 60 % pollution is coused by road transport.

The aim of the project is to examine whether logistics in cities can be environmentally friendly and economically efficient. CO2 emission and total cost of ownership (TCO) of the electric vehicle will be analyzed.


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