Test of Volvo Electric Truck

No Limit, together with IKEA and H&M, has tested the zero-emission Volvo FE electric truck in real use conditions. Technological support for the study has been provided by Nexity. The "EKO-LOG" project - the first Polish was initiated by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA). 

Trucks are responsible for 19.2% of the carbon dioxide emissions from transport in the European Union. In large urban agglomerations, vehicles generate even more than 60% of CO2 emissions and significantly contribute to the formation of smog. Consequently, the electrification of heavy road transport is particularly important in Europe's drive to become climate neutral.

As part of the study, a number of important operating parameters of Volvo FE Electric electric truck will be analyzed, including average energy consumption, range, charging time and power, weight of transported cargo, energy flows, average speed or distance covered. The collected data will be used to develop a model allowing to estimate the real range of the vehicle. The "EKO-LOG" project will also include a comparative study of the noise emissions of electric and internal combustion trucks, which will allow to assess additional environmental benefits resulting from electrification of heavy transport.

During the tests, three questionnaire surveys will be conducted aimed at different target groups. The first study, addressed to the inhabitants of Warsaw, will allow to assess social awareness in the field of zero-emission heavy transport. The second survey will be aimed at fleet managers to determine the potential of the electric truck market in Poland. On the other hand, the results of the third study will help determine the opinion of drivers on the operational aspects of a zero-emission truck.

Based on the data provided by Volvo Trucks and collected as a result of the project "EKO-LOG", a comparative analysis of the operating costs of an electric truck will be prepared, allowing to indicate the savings generated during the use of the vehicle.

The results of the "EKO-LOG" project will be officially presented on September 9, 2021 at the Jastrząb track near Radom, during the 4POLAND Fair organized by Volvo Trucks.

Detailed information about the project is available on the website eko-log.pl.  

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