We currently employ 360 people from Ukraine, many of whom are personally affected by the armed conflict. That is why we are actively working to respond to the growing needs of our Ukrainian employees. We established HELP group, which coordinates and implements a program of assistance to people affected by the the war.

We have launched an aid exchange, ie the exchange of information among employees on lending places to live and transporting people.

We organized an information exchange in the field of medical, legal and psychological assistance, legalization of stay and employment, external institutions, and information for refugees that can help in acclimatization and finding oneself in a new situation.

From the beginning of the war, we help with the logistics of people from the border.

We organized a collection of necessary products that are transported to people on the Polish side of the border and to the people who have stayed in Ukraine.

We organize volunteering for those who are ready to join the aid activities.
We support projects implemented together with our clients and partners in the field of assistance for the efected people.
We developed a social program to support our employees and their families.