9th No Limit Bicycle Rally

This year the route extended through the Wdzydze Landscape Park. In 2 days, 110 people from various departments of our company cycled over 75 kilometers of the scenic roads in Kashubia.

We traveled through picturesque small villages of Juszki and Gołuń. We could relax in the Kashubian Ethnographic Park, which on an area of over 22 hectares houses 50 renovated farm buildings dating back to the period from the 16th to the 20th century. We also admired a great panoramic view from the 20-meter high observation tower in Przytarnia.

What’s important, during the ride we enjoyed the time together, long talks, and mutual support on difficult route sections.

Now, we can’t wait for the next edition of the bike ride in No Limit.

Rajd Rowerowy No Limit.