About us

We have been providing logistics services in Europe for over 30 years, including the services of contract logistics, warehousing, distribution and transport. Our range of services is also addressed to companies looking for a logistics partner in the e-commerce sector, including warehousing and picking services as well as fast deliveries in CEE countries. We are experts in high quality complex processes.

Historia firmy NOLIMIT

We provide comprehensive logistics solutions based on advanced technologies

Kim jesteśmy - ludzie

We build effective teams

We specialize in the implementation of logistics projects in the region of Central and Eastern Europe

Eko Logistyka

We oprarate environmentally friendly logistics projects, basing our development on green technologies

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    • QUALITY we operate professionally caring for the highest standards
    • INNOVATIONwe implement solutions using modern technology
    • CSRwe build an open culture in communication and cooperation
    • ECOLOGYwe care about the world around us, reducing CO2 emissions