Our business cooperation is based on mutual trust and reliable relationships.

We have been operating as a provider of logistics services on the Polish market and abroad since 1990. We have been continually developing our logistics services in Europe, leveraging modern technologies and the expertise of our team. 

Our range of services extend from warehousing and transportation to complex logistic projects. We optimize our processes at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring the highest quality operational standards.

Utilizing modern technologies, we deliver stable and flexible solutions. We embrace significant challenges and foster a culture of collaboration, where employees can share knowledge, develop skills, and contribute ideas.

trusted logistics team

Dedication and expertise of our teams enable us to efficiently deliver high qualiy services across europe.

We employ over 1 300 specialists in various logistics fields. Our logistical operations span across 20 warehouses situated in Central and Eastern Europe, with five of them achieving BREEAM certification.

On a daily basis, we transport goods to 28 European countries utilizing our extensive network of road connections. Our fleet comprises aerodynamic semi-trailers and tractors powered by alternative fuel sources such as LNG.

Through the implementation of process automation, advanced IT technologies, and optimization solutions, we tailor comprehensive logistics chains for our clients. This includes the handling, packaging, and shipping of parcels to up to 70 000 daily.

Utilizing our fleet of electric vehicles, we cover distances exceeding the length of the equator, averaging around 43 000 kilometers per month. Within urban areas, we cater to shopping malls and B2C customers.

We guarantee all clients high safety and satisfaction from our services. Through our Environmental Friendly Logistics program, we are committed to reducing the negative impact of our operations on the environment.




 Countries where No Limit provides logistics services