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Why No Limit

Why No Limit

Because of our involvement and experience, we make a good team, which can efficiently deal with the tasks entrusted with us by our Clients. We believe that our people are the key to our success, due to their qualifications and reliability we guarantee first class and timely performance of project tasks. That is why we make great efforts to recruit the right people, moreover, we plan their work with utmost care, not only shall it motivate them but it shall also fully utilise their potential, for that reason, they need to have the required qualifications and highly developed skills. In our team, there are many diversified interests - in the field of sport, music, cooking, gardening etc. We are of the opinion that the ability to develop one’s personal interests may be even more important than professional success in the feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Our motto is the saying: "Whatever you do, you shall feel passionate about it". We aspire to follow this principle in our daily work.»
Striving to offer our Clients top quality services, we implement sophisticated processes using state of the art technologies. Modern fleet of vehicles, automation of warehouse operations and IT back-up services enable us to execute thousands of orders on a continuous basis. Our daily operations focus on modernisation of our business activities for our services to be competitive and in compliance with the strictest quality standards. Our intention is to achieve the optimum automation of the warehouse operations. In 2013 we started to use the Push Tray Unit Sorter, which has become the core unit in the order sorting process in our logistics centre. We implement advanced IT solutions dedicated to transport; this guarantees a well-organised process of transport management. Due to licensed software and modern equipment we can optimise the route and track the safety of the transported goods and also provide our Clients with the information about the order status in real time.»
We became involved in logistics at the beginning of the transformation of the political system in Poland in 1990. At first we provided transportation and freight forwarding services, however, several years later, we built our first warehouse and extended our services with warehouse logistics. Because of the co-operation with companies requiring high operational standards, such as P&G, Reebok or ING Bank, we have developed our competencies in dedicated solutions.»

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