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Extension of Luxtorpeda

Extension of Luxtorpeda

Because of increasing volumes of customer orders, as of June 2015, in co-operation with SDI Polska, we are planning to increase the operating capacities of our PTU Sorter Luxtorpeda in Pruszków. Thanks to the said modifications, next season we will be able to assembly 280 orders at the capacity of 8,000 items of goods picked and packed per hour. Productivity can be increased thanks to the application of new algorithms controlling the work of the unit; the said algorithms shall consist in the implementation of new solutions allowing for the induction of goods onto the empty tray returning at the other induction station.  Thanks to the new, implemented technology, we will be able to service two different clients at the same time. Simultaneously with the works on the system, we will be also implementing changes to the packing station and the carton receipt station. All the aforementioned modifications are to increase the efficiency of No Limit operations and at the same time, to maintain high quality and flexibility of the rendered services.

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