Our customers

Our services are addressed to all those for whom the quality and timely performance of the services are priorities. 

We are a Polish provider of logistics services, which has been operating in the European market since 1990. Whether the services are contract logistics, deliveries to chain stores, road transport services or Value Added Services - we always render them with the utmost care. Our dedicated, highly qualified and versatile team of both experts and young innovators is our greatest asset. We are proud to say that for the third decade we are providing our services to the most demanding Clients, among them many international leaders in their industries.

Why No Limit

Because of our involvement and experience, we make a good team, which can efficiently deal with the tasks entrusted with us by our Clients. We believe that our people are the key to our success, due to their qualifications and reliability we guarantee first class and timely performance of project tasks.

Striving to offer our Clients top quality services, we implement sophisticated processes using state of the art technologies. Modern fleet of vehicles, automation of warehouse operations and IT back-up services enable us to execute thousands of orders on a continuous basis.

We became involved in logistics at the beginning of the transformation of the political system in Poland in 1990. At first we provided transportation and freight forwarding services, however, several years later, we built our first warehouse and extended our services with warehouse logistics.

As we have implemented an environment-friendly development program, our motto is Environment-Friendly Logistics. We operate a fleet of urban distribution cars powered by alternative fuels and pro-ecological, innovative solutions in full truck loads. At the same time, we promote "eco" activities among our employees by implementing a number of projects within the CSR area.

Case study

We present the route of a goods item from its receipt in the warehouse to its delivery to the store in the shopping mall.

Respective stages of the process involve unloading in the logistics centre, storage in the retail zone, SKU picking by PTU sorter, packing in compliance with the Client order, loading, transport to the shopping mall and final receipt by the store employee. We offer daily deliveries from the central warehouse to the points of sale to Clients operating the retail sales of clothes, electronic equipment, cosmetics, interior design items and household appliances.

We are pleased to show you a short film about the implementation of the PTU Sorter Luxtorpeda, which is going to be expanded during the second half of 2015.

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